A good designer should be able to adapt to any brief.
Every project has it's different requirements but all follow these basic principles:

  • Form & function
  • Fit for purpose with the end user in mind
  • Ergonomics (Human & environment)
  • Design to fit brands DNA
  • Design for Price-Point
  • Appropriate material & manufacture
  • Design for delivery / transportation

Some projects i've worked on over the years include:

  • Extreme Sports Equipment
  • Kids toys
  • Furniture & Lighting
  • Homeware
  • Automotive
  • Retail & Promotional
  • Exhibition
  • Industrial
I'm always up for a new challenge . . .
Let's get started

Injection Moulding
Vacuum Forming
Distortion Printing
Blow Moulding
Rotational Moulding
Plastic & Metal Extrusion
Laser Cutting
Laser Etching
Waterjet Cutting
CNC Routing / Cutting / Engraving

Investment Casting
Die Casting
Glass Blowing
Metal & Wire Fabrication
Acrylic Fabrication
Wood Fabrication
Spun metal
Leather goods
Bespoke Packaging